News Articles November 2021

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Study: Tumor Subtype Does Not Predict Remission in Acromegaly

A study from Iran looked at remission rates in acromegaly patients with three subtypes of pituitary adenomas (densely granulated, sparsely granulated and dual staining) and found no major predictive role in terms of remission. There was no statistically significant difference in the rate of remission between the single-staining group and the dual-staining group. But the densely granulated group had a 2-fold remission rate compared to the other groups. Read more:

Case Study: Depression Abates after Cushing's Surgery 

An article in Cushing’s Disease News looks at the case of a suicidal woman in Saudi Arabia whose depression eased but did not go away after treatment for Cushing’s. Read more: 

Study: Low-income Prolactinoma Patients Suffer Worse Health Outcomes

The abstract of a study from the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics, which was reprinted in compares outcomes for prolactinoma patients with varying ages, sex, race and insurance status. They concluded that patients in the bottom 25%, income-wise, had statistically significantly poorer outcomes compared to wealthier patients. Patients who are female or who received a diagnosis at a later stage also suffered poorer outcomes. Read more here: 

Pituitary Story: Massive Post-Surgical Bleeding Causes Panic

A blog from pituitary patient and author John Pavlovitz tells the story of a terrifying post-surgical seemingly near-death experience, where he almost bled out after somehow dislodging the clots formed at the surgical site in his brain. Read more here