Pituitary Hero - Shanae

In all started in May 2013 when i became very ill. I developed headaches, vision loss and hormonal imbalances. I visited various hospitals to see what was going on with my health and no one could come up with the right diagnosis. I kept telling my doctors something is wrong; I know my body.

A few months later I prayed and prayed and asked god to lead me to the right doctor and he answered my prayers. I went to see an endocrinologist, told her the symptoms I was having and she did blood work and sent me for an MRI. So the next day or two the results were in. The MRI stated that I had a pituitary adenoma and the blood work said my prolactin levels were through the roof!

As a result my endocrinologist put me on cabergoline which was unsuccessful; then my doctor suggested surgery to remove the tumor. I followed through on my post op checkups and routine bloodwork, my prolactin levels is very high still. I dont understand it. I'm still very weak experiencing mood swings and I still have headaches. I would like to go back to school but I'm unable to go back due to my illness. I'm having trouble remembering things as well as having poor concentration . If it wasn't for my praying mother I really don't know how I'm able to push through each day. I hope and pray that someone would get to the bottom of this disease. I would like to participate in research studies related to pituitary tumors and finding a cure to help people suffering from this disease

Last but not least I'm not giving up I will continue my fight on battling this disease. I want to encourage people who are suffering in silence like me. I am my own Pituitary Hero! Push through! Never give up!


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