Unique Opportunity for Rare Disease Research in Adrenal Cancers (Addison's)


The Department of Defense Appropriations Act provides research funding for peer reviewed programs managed by the Department of Defense (DOD) office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). The dollars to fund CDMRP are added every year during the budget approval cycle by members of the House or Senate, in response to requests by consumer advocates and disease survivors. For example Congress appropriated $330 million for the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program for FY18. The DOD CDMRP is tasked with finding and funding cutting-edge research, such as new devices and treatment for the many injuries and conditions sustained by our military, veterans and the American public. When they review proposed new ideas, they involve individuals who are living with the specific diseases on the panels, along with scientist and medical personnel.



The DOD is looking for nominees for advocates in the disease state(s) listed above to represent their respective organizations and communities at scientific peer review. These Consumer Reviewers (CRs) can be patients or family members, or public health professionals and they act as lay experts on the illness and assess aspects of these same applications, and focus specifically on the impact of this proposed care, treatment to those living with the conditions and/or environments where they occur. The scientists and patient/family/consumers work together in the review and the discussion of each application to help recommend what would really make an important and positive difference in people's lives.

Why is this important? By integrating patients, survivors, family members and/or caretakers into the scientific review process, the CDMRP is able to enrich the scientific review with personal perspective, passion, and a sense of urgency that ensures the human dimension is incorporated in the research focus. Over 2,000 consumers have served as Peer and Programmatic reviewers since 1995.


Do you have someone in mind? For details on the nomination criteria and to apply, visit the CDMRP Website.

Disease States Impacted: http://cdmrp.army.mil/cwg/program_requirements

Reviewer Eligibility: http://cdmrp.army.mil/cwg/apply

Questions or to request an nomination form: Contact Ann Dodelin, [email protected] or [email protected].


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