Privacy Policy

The Pituitary Network Association has the utmost respect for your privacy.

Standard Policy

We have NEVER and will NEVER share any information about those who visit our site with anyone or any other agency, organization, other medical groups including health insurers, marketing firms, non-profit or for profit businesses. NOBODY.

Mailing Lists

We use a mailing house for some of our publications (NETWORK magazine, etc.), and for certain mailings. We have confidentiality agreements with our mailing house and your name and address (the only information given them) is at no time EVER sold or passed on to anyone.

Submitted Information

We make use of many forms on our site for membership, publication orders, survey's, etc. Any information collected is used solely for the purpose of the form, as well as to send the user news, information about updates on our site and within our organization and is, again, NEVER sold or shared with any other agency or person at any time.


We do make use of cookies on our site, as do nearly all other sites on the Internet. We use cookies to keep track of your password (on our members site) and to personalize your Web page. While we will NEVER provide anyone's individual health records, data, etc., to ANY third party, we do provide advertisers (pharmaceutical companies, hospitals) with information about the prevalence of certain health conditions based on information visitors provide through survey's, etc. We do this without ever providing any information on any one person specifically and never in such a way that in any way violates your privacy.


Our websites contain links to other sites. The Pituitary Network Association is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other site. Please read each site's privacy statements.

Public Forums

Our site makes chat rooms, forums and message boards available to our users. Remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas immediately becomes public information. Please use caution when disclosing any of your personal information.