Radically resected pituitary adenomas: prognostic role of Ki 67 labeling index in a monocentric retrospective series and literature review

Pituitary, 07/09/2013

Chiloiro S et al. – Ki–67 Labeling Index is an immunocytochemical marker of cell proliferation. The correlation of Ki–67 expression with pituitary adenomas recurrence has been investigated and is highly debated. Aim of this study was to evaluate whether Ki–67 correlates with recurrence even in patients with an apparently completely removed pituitary adenoma. This was associated with worse disease–free survival time, even after correction for age at treatment, gender, positivity to p53, functional classification and Knosp grading. Ki–67 labeling index may be useful in postoperative management, even in patients who underwent radical PA removal. The authors suggest a Ki–67 cut–off value of 1.5 % to plan an adequate clinical follow–up.