Patient Story: Shannon


shannonMy Acromegaly Treatment Has Changed Its Shape

“I wanted to take part almost as soon as I heard about the study. I was anxious to stop getting painful injections and to be relieved of the inconvenience of the monthly visits to my doctor for injections.”

Before acromegaly, Shannon was the life of the party, spending time with her friends whenever she could and building a life for herself. After her diagnosis, she experienced disruptions in her life due to the inconvenience of going to her doctor's office for injections; that is until she discovered a clinical trial for a new oral treatment for acromegaly.

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Sept 2020 Medical Corner


PNA Medical Corner: Corticotroph hyperplasia and Cushing’s Disease

edward lawsThis month the PNA Medical Corner showcases an article co-authored by Dr. Edward Laws, an eminent neurosurgeon with Brigham and Women’s Hospital near Boston. Dr. Laws was also the 2004 recipient of the PNA’s highest honor, the Gentle Giant award. The study looks at corticotroph hyperplasia in Cushing’s disease and finds “association between biochemically proven Cushing disease and histopathologically proven corticotroph hyperplasia.”  Here is the abstract:

Corticotroph hyperplasia and Cushing disease: diagnostic features and surgical management

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Sept 2020 Research Articles


Pituitary Tumors

Subclinical hemorrhagic nonfunctionning pituitary adenoma: pituitary gland function status, endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery, and outcomes.

Is there any gender difference in epidemiology, clinical presentation and co-morbidities of non-functioning pituitary adenomas? A prospective survey of a National Referral Center and review of the literature.

Inhibiting MAPK14 showed anti-prolactinoma effect.

Pituitary Surgery

Experience of trans-nasal endoscopic surgery for pituitary tumors in a single center in China: Surgical results in a cohort of 2032 patients, operated between 2006 and 2018.

Tricks and traps of ICG endoscopy for effectively applying endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery to pituitary adenoma

Pituitary Cancer

Inhibition of lncRNA-UCA1 suppresses pituitary cancer cell growth and prolactin (PRL) secretion via attenuating glycolysis pathway.

Symptomatic Pituitary Metastasis as Initial Manifestation of Renal Cell Carcinoma: Case Report and Review of Literature.

Cushing’s Disease

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