Support Groups


Self Help Groups are run by patients (i.e., Alcoholics Anonymous) with little professional (i.e.,mental health) input. These groups sole function is to educate and for the members to provide peer support. They are not necessarily directive in any way.

Support Groups are run by a mental health professional (i.e., Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist) and its purpose is to provide guided support. As with the self-help groups, they have an educational component, usually having to do with learning new coping strategies, problem-solving skills, and the like.

Self Help Groups may function autonomously but support groups, by definition, are directed by a mental health professional. It is very important for a mental health professional to be present since emotionally-laden material is often discussed and someone with the appropriate training must be present to help process it. In addition, self-help groups can be held anywhere; support groups are usually held in a medical environment (i.e., hospital, medical office, etc.) because of their inherent therapeutic nature- they are regarded as a form of psychosocial treatment.


+ International : Canada : Ajax Support Group
+ CA : St. Jude Brain Tumor Patient/Family Support Group
+ CA : Brain Tumor Center Pituitary Patient Support Group
+ CA : UCLA Pituitary Patient Support Group
+ CA : The Wellness Community Brain Tumor Support Group
+ CT : Connecticut Brain Tumor Support Group (Adult)
+ CT : Hartford Hospital Brain Tumor Support Group
+ FL : Central Florida Support
+ GA : Emory Brain Tumor Support Group
+ GA : SBTF Support Group
+ IA : Quad Cities Brain Tumor Support Group
+ MA : Brigham And Womens Brain Tumor Support
+ MA : Lahey Clinic Brain Tumor Support Group
+ MA : Massachusetts General Hospital Brain Tumor Support Group
+ MA : Pituitary Tumor Support Group Of New England
+ NJ : Central New Jersey Brain Tumor Support And Resource Group
+ PA : Brain Tumor Support Group Of The Lehigh Valley
+ RI : Rhode Island Brain Tumor Support Group
+ TN : Memphis Regional Brain Tumor Survivors Group
+ TX : Central Texas Support
+ TX : The Houston Area Brain Tumor Network