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The Stanford Pituitary Center provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and streamlined care for the evaluation and treatment of pituitary tumors and other neuroendocrine disorders, including: acromegaly, prolactinomas, Cushing’s syndrome, nonfunctioning pituitary tumors, craniopharygiomas and disorders of the pituitary and hypothalamic region that lead to growth hormone deficiency or adrenal, thyroid, ovarian, or testicular deficiency.

Headaches, Weight Gain and Fatigue May Indicate Pituitary DiseaseThe pituitary and neuroendocrine clinical programs at Stanford bring together knowledge and expertise in clinical research and teaching applications to treatment of neuroendocrine diseases. Our endocrinologists and neurosurgeons collaborate in multidisciplinary management of patients, and are experienced in the most advanced diagnostic strategies and directed medical, neurosurgical or radiation options for patients with pituitary tumors.

Our clinical program is aimed at integration of care in a patient-friendly setting for people with pituitary disorders – not only under one roof, but in the same room. This multidisciplinary approach allows for total care, from initial triage through surgical intervention and post-operative follow-up.

Neurosurgical care at the Stanford Pituitary Center ensures immediate consultation and prompt and expert surgical intervention when necessary. The Center performs diagnostic stimulation tests for community physicians, and offers advice on state-of-the-art medical therapeutics and clinical trial options. Our endocrinologists are experienced in diagnostic strategies, the administration of replacement hormones and drugs to block hormone excess syndromes, as well as investigational drugs for the treatment of pituitary disorders, such as Cushing’s disease, acromegaly and growth hormone deficiency.

The highly trained clinical nursing specialists offer patient education, including teaching self-administration of medications requiring injection, and assist with specialized hormone testing procedures.

Treatment of:

secretory tumors

Cushing’s disease

nonfunctional lesions

Rathke cleft cysts

pituitary hormone deficiencies affecting:

the thyroid
the adrenal glands
water balance
reproductive organs
growth hormone (GH) secretion

Contact phone: (650) 736-2062

Clinic Fax: (650) 736 8100
New Patient Referral Fax: (650) 736 8100
Hours: Monday – Fridays, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed Holidays

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Stanford Hospitals & Clinics

875 Blake Wilbur Drive
Stanford California 94305-5821
United States

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