Pituitary Q & A

The Mayo Clinic has produced a podcast with frequently asked questions on pituitary tumors. Check it out here

Optometrist Spots Signs of Pituitary Tumor; Patient Gets Emergency Surgery

Nonmedical professionals like jewelers, shoe salespersons and optometrists can make a big impact in a patient’s life – by spotting signs of pituitary disease. An article in Insight News tells the story of an extra vigilant optometrist who spotted a red flag, and may have saved a woman’s life. Read more:

Case Study: Keto Diet Alleviates Symptoms of Cushing’s But Delays Diagnosis

An article in Cushing’s Disease News looks at a case study about a man who lost weight on a low carb ketogenic diet, which lessened his symptoms of what turned out to be Cushing’s Disease, but in doing so may have delayed his diagnosis. Read more:

TV Actor Recounts Battle With Pituitary Dwarfism

Actor Max Casella, who has co-starred in shows like “Doogie Howser, MD”,“The Sopranos”, “Boardwalk Empire” and “Tulsa King” talks about growing up with pituitary dwarfism in an article on PageSix.com. He underwent hormone therapy in his twenties to finally jumpstart puberty. Read more:

Can ‘Mini Pituitary Tumors’ Help Improve Treatments?

The website chof360.com looks at A study in the journal Cells looks at efforts by researchers to develop organoids, or organelles – basically cell structures grown in a lab using cells from pituitary surgeries. The study says these mini pituitary tumors mimic the structure of an adenoma, and thus may be useful in developing targeted therapies for Cushing’s patients. Read more: