Case Study Links Mifepristone in Cushing’s Patient to Liver Damage

A study published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports looks at the experience of a woman with Cushing’s who was treated with Korylm (mifepristone) and who developed liver damage.   Read more here:   

Or here:

Portable MRI Scanners Proliferate

An article in the magazine “Science” looks at a new generation of portable low-field MRI scanners that make imaging more accessible throughout the world.  Read more:

New Classification Scheme for Ovulatory Disorders

An article in “Focus on Reproduction” explains that the international Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) has come up with a new way to classify ovulatory disorders – adding PCOS as a category, alongside hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary.  Read more:

Factors Behind Obesity

An article on Endocrine Web goes over the primary contributors to obesity, which has become a national health threat. Read more:

Cortisol and Energy Levels

An article in Fashion explains the role the hormone cortisol plays in people’s energy levels and recommends people concerned about it see a doctor, reduce stress, eat well and get more sleep. Read more:

The Science Behind Stress

An article in looks at the biology of stress and the hormones involved. Read more: