Pituitary Story: Getting Your Life Back After Cushing’s Disease

A 23-year-old Florida college student underwent surgery for Cushing’s Disease. Read more:

Pituitary Hormone Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

A study in the Journal Nature finds that blocking the FSH hormone in mice improves cognition. Read more:

Pituitary Carcinoma, Cushing’s and Covid-19

A study in the journal Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports looks at the case of a 43 year old man with pituitary carcinoma who developed a severe case of COVID-19 and Cushing’s Disease. Doctors used Block-replacement with suppression of endogenous steroidogenesis and supplementation of corticosteroid requirements. Read abstract: 

Oxytocin and Sex Addiction

A study from The University of Cyprus found higher levels of the hormone oxytocin in men with hypersexual disorder, commonly known as sex addiction. The finding has implications for future drug therapy. Read more: 

Man Recovers as Tumor Causes Increase in Height, Shoe Size

A story in the Sun recounts the pituitary journey of a 52-year-old man in the U-K who grew 14 inches and 4 shoes sizes in 6 months’ time. Read more: 

Photo: Sarah and Andrew Smith Credit: Brain Tumour Research