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Banned Growth Hormone Linked to Transmission of Alzheimer’s

A study published in the Journal Nature looks at the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in patients injected with cadaver-derived pituitary growth hormone, which was banned in 1985 after some patients developed Creuztfeldt-Jakob disease. It is the first documentation of the transmissibility of Alzheimer’s  Read more here:

Here is an article that explains why this is unlikely to happen again.  Read more here:


U.K. Soccer Player Battles Acromegaly

An article in the Leicester Mercury tells the story of Tom Mayor, a semi-pro goalkeeper diagnosed with acromegaly.  Read more here:


Can A-I Help Write Medical Case Reports?

An article in on presents a case study of a child with Rathke’s Cleft Cyst, written using artificial intelligence, in this case ChatGPT. The author concludes that ChatGPT produced some helpful tables, it “has limitations in answering questions, particularly in providing specific data and addressing individual cases.” Read more here: