When an Ear Infection Turned Out to Be a Pituitary Tumor

A story in the Daily Mail follows the case of a woman who visited her general practitioner for an ear infection and ended up being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor.  Read more here: 

Study: Cushing’s More Often Diagnosed in Pre-pubertal Boys than Girls

A study out of Turkey featured in Cushing’s Disease News finds that Cushing’s disease was diagnosed more often in prepubertal boys than girls, a reverse of what is seen in adults. The study also found that one third of benign pituitary tumors did not show up on MRI scans.  Read more here:

Study: Therapeutic Touch and Music Improves Sleep in Menopausal Women

A study in the Journal Menopause finds that therapeutic touch and soothing music can improve sleep in menopausal women.   Read more here:

British TV Star Discusses Pregnancy Battle with Hypophysitis

Emma Weymouth, a British reality star known for the show “Strictly Come Dancing”, discusses her diagnosis of hypophysitis during pregnancy.   Read more here: