Acromegalics More Likely to Have Diabetes, Cardiac Issues

An article in Healio looks at a study that found that people with acromegaly suffer at a higher rate from a long list of conditions, including diabetes and hypertension.  Read more: 

Isturisa Found Safe and Effective for Cushing’s

An article in Cushing’s Disease News looks at results from an extension of a study of long-term use of the drug Isturisa. It found that the drug “led to a sustained normalization in cortisol levels, symptom relief, and improved quality of life for people with Cushing’s disease.” Read more:

Study Finds Testosterone “Cliff” in Men over Age 70

An article in Cosmos looks at a study that finds that testosterone levels drop sharply after age 70; but that healthy eating and exercise can lead to more stable testosterone levels. Read more:

Girl with Growth Hormone Deficiency Chosen as “Kid Captain” for U of Iowa Football Team

Ten-year-old Gracie Springer is the new “Kid Captain” for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes football team. She suffers from growth hormone deficiency, cardiomyopathy, and is in remission from cancer.  Read more: