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Our goal at the Pituitary Network Association is to bring information to the research, medical, governmental, and patient communities through conferences, publications and support. Highlights, our monthly newsletter, is one of our most proactive means of communication. With a readership of over 30,000 people our reach is now worldwide. The PNA staff follows the news carefully looking for anything of interest to pituitary patients, their families and the health care providers that treat them. We strive to stay on top of the latest research and information. In addition to news and research articles, we also include the latest happenings within the PNA, informational articles from patients and physicians and letters we have received from patients.

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The PNA is constantly searching for medical information, inspiring stories, or patient questions to include in Highlights. We would like to include everyone in our endeavor to educate and inspire. The PNA welcomes input from all spectrums of pituitary disease. Whether you are a physician, nurse, medical student, patient or family member your experiences can help others. 

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The PNA Highlights E-Newsletter offers a great opportunity to connect your company’s product or service with 30,000+ subscribers each month! The Highlights E-Newsletter is a valuable resource for pituitary patients to receive up-to-date information about the latest in medical developments and products for treatment. Your company’s logo or ad will receive top placement for guaranteed visibility and first time E-Newsletter sponsors get to contribute a PNA Spotlight article on a topic of their choice. The Highlights E-Newsletter features information about meetings, clinical trials, support groups, the newest in medicine, treatment options and studies/findings. Our subscriber list is growing each day as our subscribers send our E-Newsletter to their family, friends, and health care providers. In addition, a link to our Highlights E-Newsletter is posted on our website each month – guaranteeing several thousand more readers – and the E-Newsletter itself is a website, reachable via search engines. 

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