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Endonasal, Transorbital, and Supraorbital: Three Minimally Invasive Approaches to the Skull Base

June 7 @ 7:30 am - June 8 @ 4:30 pm



Please join us for an innovative course that will teach surgeons how to perform three minimally invasive approaches to the skull base: endonasal, transorbital, and supraorbital. The goals of the course are to teach surgeons how to perform these new approaches as well as their indications, contraindications, and limitations. There is currently a gap in the ability of surgeons to perform these new approaches, since they are often not learned during a standard residency. This course will address this critical need.

Neurosurgery is evolving and becoming increasingly less invasive — developments that have been shown to lead to improved patient outcomes. Not only do minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques reduce length of hospital stays, they also reduce complications. However, these techniques are generally developed at tertiary care academic centers and not widely performed at smaller hospitals or even academic centers where expertise is lacking. There is a significant need for training in these newer techniques, so that surgeons at other institutions can increase their proficiency in these procedures. The replacement of more invasive larger craniotomies with novel minimally invasive surgical approaches should directly lead to improvements in patient outcomes.