PET/MRI and Cushing’s Disease

A study in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine finds that PET/MRI may be more effective in diagnosing Cushing’s Disease compared to MRI alone   Read more:

Patient with hypothyroidism, Addison’s delivers twins

An article in the Times of India recounts that story of a woman whose ovaries were not functioning due to Addison’s disease and hypothyroidism. Once treated, her condition subsided and she was able to conceive and give birth to twins, a remarkable feat.   Read more here:

Study explores link between erectile dysfunction and gaming

Researchers in China looked at the effect long hours of gaming had in men aged 40-69 and found higher levels of TSH, which are involved in sperm production and hypothesize a link between screen time and elevated risk of erectile dysfunction.   Read more here:

Patient story: ectopic Cushing’s went undiagnosed for years

A story in Cushing’s Disease News looks at a study concerning a man whose ectopic Cushing’s, caused by a lung tumor, took many years to be diagnosed. Researchers blame ignorance on the part of nonendocrine providers.  Read more here: