WWE Wrestler Discusses his Pituitary Journey

WWE Wrestler Tolulope “Jordan” Omogbehin, known as Omos or the Nigerian Giant, discusses his diagnoses of acromegaly and a form of Cushings, along with his two neurosurgeries, in an article for The Sportster.   Read more: 

Photo courtesy of Diva Insider/Wikimedia Commons


Cushing’s Patients Report Persistent Pain, Anxiety, Weight Gain

A new study surveyed Cushing’s patients and found that many report continuing pain, anxiety and weight gain even after treatment. But patients who underwent surgery experienced fewer issues, comparatively. Read more from Cushing’s Disease News

or see the abstract for the original study:

Pituitary Apoplexy: Surgery and Medical Therapy Have Similar Results

A study released at the recent American Association of Neurological Surgeons Scientific Meeting in Los Angeles finds comparable outcomes from medical treatment of pituitary apoplexy versus surgical treatment. Read more:

Proton Therapy for Craniopharyngioma

An article in U.S. News and World Report talks about a study that looked at the efficacy of proton therapy for treatment of craniopharyngioma, in particular in preventing learning deficiencies. Read more:

Balancing Your Hormones

An article in Science Daily goes over the major hormones, their functions, and recommends proper diet, exercise, sleep and stress management to keep them in balance.  Read more: