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PNA participates in 3rd Annual Weill Cornell Pituitary Symposium

By Tammy Mazzella, PNA

On Friday, October 11, 2019 the Pituitary Network Association was invited to participate in Weill Cornell’s Pituitary Symposium and CME Course at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. The day was filled with presentations designed to educate neurosurgeons, endocrinologists, neurologists, internists and other health care providers about advances in the evaluation, management and treatment of people with pituitary disorders.

The symposium was very informative, with presentations covering multiple topics given by pituitary specialists from Weill Cornell Medicine and by visiting faculty, including Dr. Susan Samson from Baylor College of Medicine and Dr. Amir Hamrahian from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In addition, representatives of pituitary patient organizations spoke as well. Course co-director Dr. Georgiana Dobri kicked things off with a presentation called "An Introduction to the Pituitary Gland and Pituitary Tumors". That was followed by Dr. C. Douglas Phillips discussing imaging of pituitary tumors. Dr. Marc Dinkin gave a presentation entitled "Ophthalmologic Evaluation of Patients with Pituitary Pathology". Dr. Hamrahian discussed the diagnosis of functional pituitary tumors, while Dr. Samson discussed their treatment. Dr. Dobri concluded the morning session with a look at post-op management and follow-up of pituitary tumors.

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