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News Articles July 2021


Alternative Medicine and Low-T

A patient tells the story of his battle with Cushing’s disease and low testosterone. He found solace in alternative medicine after struggling with testosterone replacement therapy. Read more: 

Pituitary Story: A Personal Trainer Fights a Prolactinoma

 A story in the Royal Gazette tells the story of a personal trainer from Bermuda who flew to Mass General in Boston for surgery to treat a prolactinoma. Read more:

PA Legislature Considers Bill to Give Doctors More Autonomy; Pituitary Patients May Benefit

 The Pennsylvania legislature is considering a bill to stop insurance companies from requiring patients to try certain less expensive treatments before getting the one that their doctor recommends. One frustrated doctor said one of her patients was forced to see five doctors before being allowed to get surgery for a pituitary tumor. Read more: 

Study Encourages Better Communication Between Cushing’s Patients and Doctors.

 A study in the Journal of the Endocrine Society finds that almost a third of Cushing’s patients surveyed felt they did not get enough information from their doctors and felt unprepared for the recovery process post-surgery. Read more:  

Two Egyptian Siblings with Acromegaly Break Guinness World Records

egyptian siblingsA brother and sister from Egypt who suffer from acromegaly have broken multiple Guinness World records for the widest arm span and largest feet in a living person. Read more: 

Caption: Guinness World Records Arabia



News Articles June 2021


Study Recommends Ideal Post-Pituitary Surgery Diet

A story in the Indian Express highlights a study that establishes an ideal diet for patients recuperating from pituitary surgery. They recommend that patients avoid water except when thirsty, salt, caffeine and high-protein foods. Read more:

Pituitary Journey: Thriving After Cushing's

A former competitive athlete named Paris Dancy recounts his battle with Cushing’s in an article in Cushing’s Disease News. Read more:

Cushing’s and Diabetes: A Case Study

An article in Clinical Advisor looks at the case of a man with diabetes who was subsequently treated for a macroadenoma/Cushing’s Disease. Doctors aren’t sure if Cushing’s pre-dated the diabetes. Read more: 

Psychological Symptoms Lead to Diagnosis of Pituitary Tumor

An article in Psychology Today looks at mental health diagnoses and presents the case of a woman in her thirties who experienced severe mood swings and was subsequently treated for a pituitary tumor. Read more:

Dr. Diagnosed With Cushing’s Post-Pregnancy

irmanie hemphillAn article in the Miami Herald spotlights the case of a family medicine doctor named Irmanie Hemphill who noticed weight gain, acne and high blood pressure six weeks after giving birth. She sought treatment and was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. Read more:

Photo caption: Dr. Irmanie Hemphill (Courtesy F.S.U.)



Take Control of Your Acromegaly and Be Heard.

Allison“Acromegaly can be overwhelming and scary, but with the right support system, the right medical team, and our community of patients, you will be surprised by how incredibly resilient you can become.”

Allison’s journey with acromegaly has been a bit unusual. From experiencing symptoms that weren’t typical to having symptom onset earlier in her life, Allison struggled to find an accurate diagnosis. However, she never stopped advocating for herself. Whether she was seeking additional opinions or voicing her own thoughts on potential treatment options, Allison made sure that she was heard. Now, she’s dedicated to doing the same for other people living with rare diseases such as acromegaly.

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